About Me


When I was a weirdo 8 year-old, I wrote this in my copy of “Very Special Me,” a book created by Hallmark designed to create a little time capsule for kids. Even then, I knew that writing was my thing. Also, while the book prompt demanded that I wasn’t ticklish except two specific places, I was stubborn and decided to declare that I was ticklish “everywhere.” Told you I was a weirdo.

When I was 26, I fell in love with a man with two children. I later married that man, and together, we had a daughter. I had a crazy hard pregnancy, postpartum depression, and general overwhelm at having an instant family of five. Through the support of family, friends, a crazy old psychiatrist, and the magic of modern medicine, we survived the crazy times. I learned that writing about these topics not only helped me heal, it helped others dealing with the same things.

Writing is still my thing, and I’m still a weirdo (people tell me straight up all the time). I still love meeting new people and telling stories. If I can make you laugh or cry or re-think something, I’m a happy camper. I push buttons, but I do my best to do it respectfully. I love that even though I’m in my 40’s, I’m still learning and growing. Life is richer now that I have so many experiences behind me. I love living in the moment, but I also love chasing my big dreams.

Speaking of dreams, my lifelong dream has been to write a book. In 2017, I completed a book of essays on dating a man with kids, parenting, step parenting, marriage, and all things in between. Then my husband got cancer and everything went to hell in a hand basket, so the project’s been on hold. Hopefully in 2018, I’ll find the time to get a book out there, and that you’ll read it and laugh and pass it along to someone else, and my life will be complete.