Purple is My New Favorite Color

It's Official!I have news, y’all!

After an 8-month hiatus where I thoroughly enjoyed freelance writing, resume revising, and finishing up my book, I came across a job opportunity that I simply couldn’t resist. A former colleague referred me to a position for Customer Account Manager at Marketo, a San Mateo, California based company that I’ve admired for years. I dig their core values: Customer Passion, Results First, Speak the Truth, One Team, and Aspire to Be Great.

I’m looking forward to being back in the world of customer success and working for a software company that’s highly respected in the industry. A big bonus is I get to work with several people with whom I’ve worked before, which is great because I adore their work ethic and they are just really cool people.  Another big bonus is I get to catch up with my friends in San Francisco, a city that I’ve grown to love like it’s my second home.

In my personal time, I’ll still be blogging about a number of random subjects, and with more travel in my future, I’ll be gathering up new material to discuss, like the man who sat next to me on the flight to San Francisco on Monday who got up to go to the bathroom and stayed in there for at least 20 minutes, and when he finally came out, the man who was in line behind him told the flight attendant the entire bathroom was wet. “I’m pretty sure the last person took a bath in there,” the man said, completely weirded out. And sure enough, I noticed the man next to me had a sheepish expression on his face and water dripping from his hair. Somebody totally took a shower in the airplane bathroom!

So, if we’ve spoken recently and I was secretive or weird, it’s because I wanted the news of my job to be fully official before I made an announcement. Remember the day that Taco was barking during my important call and I posted a picture shaming him? That was the important call. Oh, Taco.

What’s your next adventure? Share in the comments!




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